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E-Book Marketing & Selling

An auther shares her secrets on how to write an
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The powerful, proven way to
‘Make Money Writing an E-Book’

Do this and others will be scratching their heads wondering how you are so successful….

January 2011
“I can’t write!” is a cry I hear all the time. This cry for help usually lands on deaf ears. The answer is often – “sorry, but you have to write if you want to have any online promotion and sales.”

Well it is true – you do have to write, but finally here is an e-book where you are shown what to do and how to make the task of writing and compiling your thoughts into a book, so much easier.

You Can Master These Stages Quickly

  Make sure the topic you have chosen will have a demand and will sell; it is the most important part of your research. You will be shown where to find this valuable information.

  Understand the power of keywords to make your writing stand out from your competition. This is essential for the success of your e-book.

  The actual craft of writing 400+ words is so daunting for so many…now you will find that there is actually software to make this task so easy you will be gobsmacked!

  Once you have an e-book written, how do you get customers? Marketing your e-book online is the answer (after all – it is an E-Book) and you will now be shown EXACTLY what to do and how to do it.
  You will be given the precise steps on how to launch your e-book so that you can get customers quickly. Basically you want money to be coming in, sooner rather than later!

EBook Marketing and Selling 


About the Author

Make Money Writing|Barbara GabogrecanHi, my name is Barbara Gabogrecan and I am a published print author and am now writing successful e-books. My very first print book ‘How to Run a Business From the Kitchen Table’ was a huge success and sold out in a few months; so it was re-printed and it has almost sold out again.

Due to my instant success, I have had many people ask me how to write and publish a book. From a cost point of view, it is definitely more effective (and easier) to publish an E-book. But what most people do not know is that you can make a lot more money from an e-book than a print book as there are virtually no overheads and you can charge more! You can always turn your e-book into a print book too, if you need it for promotional purposes.

‘EBook Marketing And Selling' is really unique because it combines the written word with videos. There are over 15 videos to show you HOW to get your e-book to be a ‘money making machine’. Text alone can be confusing to follow; but once you see an actual video showing you HOW – it all becomes so easy!

Your Problems (and Fears) are Solved!

  If organizing your thoughts is tough – you now have a solution.

  If writing 10-20 pages is just too much to contemplate - now you will have help to do it using some exceptional software.

  If marketing is beyond your comprehension – now you will be told what to do and how to do it!

  If you want to make tons of sales of your e-book – finally you will be given a proven marketing strategy that will make an impact on your sales.

  You will now have lots of avenues through which you can sell your e-book.

  If you want to make a ‘big splash’ and bring in the cash quickly – now you will know how to do it!

Your Writing Skills

Most people wanting to write a book depend entirely on their own writing abilities. If they feel these abilities are less than perfect, they are not willing to ‘give it a go’. This e-book gives you dozens of links to software to assist you with your task. You no longer have a reason not to write an e-book!


Here is what some others have to say about this e-book:- 

This is not an E-Book – this is a blueprint for success! I did not believe how full of information one small e-book could be. Those videos are just WOWnderful! As to the software tools…I am not all that good with technology, but not only could I follow them, but they did exactly what Barbara claimed they would do. I can’t believe she shares so many of her professional ‘secrets’ with us. I am in awe and so grateful…thank you for a wonderful resource which I will go to again and again.
Gerry Hasslere


I have been told a number of times that I should write an e-book and have it for sale on my website. I could never really understand why. Now I not only realise how important it is, but I have the tools to create an e-book and sell it. I can’t wait to put all the information from this e-book into practice.
Gary Gentle

This is not just an e-book sharing many of the authors’ secret weapons she uses when writing; this is "THE E-BOOK" which is absolutely essential for not only writing a great e-book but being able to make a profit from it. If you want to write a book and don’t get this informative e-book – you’re mad!
Peter Grolley

Wow – if only I had known about this e-book before I wrote my first one; how much easier it would have been. But I can assure you, I will be following all this fantastic advice before I write my second one!
Trudy Halo


I am absolutely positive that you will be delighted with the tons of valuable information this e-book contains. If you are not 100% happy with it, I will refund your money in full. There is absolutely no risk for you – I take all the risk!

You not only will be thrilled with this valuable resource, but I will also give you another two items that will ‘knock your socks off’!

Bonus 1.

10 Secrets of Power Presentations
by Nurhafihz Bin Noor

This powerful little flip book is definitely a ‘MUST READ’ if you ever give presentations. Physical and psychological preparation is discussed in an easy to follow ‘it all makes sense’ format.

The visual impact of Power Point is described, to include fonts, texture, images, colour, content and timing.

How to use a whiteboard from using the markers to quality of information, colours, graphics and flow is discussed.

Then the physical presentation to an audience covers such things as:-

* Visualisation
* Audience rapport and participation
* Leverage
* Control
* Body language, persuasion and building trust

 Bonus 2.

Best Writing Ideas
A Compilation of Articles by the Experts
Edited by Barbara Gabogrecan

There are some amazing ideas discussed in these articles, on how to get the best from your writing. You can learn a lot by reading these awesome articles.

* How to stop procrastinating
* Writing as an art form
* 5 common grammar mistakes
* Web Copywriting
* Bullets that kill
* Powerful headlines
* 5 simple steps to create an e-book
* Online article writing

After reading this e-book, you will become an expert as you will now know about:-

  Choosing a HOT topic

  The Power of Keywords

  Mindmaps to Organise Your Thoughts

  How to Write an E-Book that sells

  Software to Write for You!

  How to get Backlinks that will get you on page one of Google

  Where to Sell Your E-Book

  How to ‘make a big splash and bring in the cash’!

EBook Marketing and Selling


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